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Rehab Buddy

Our first product is an Intelligent LowerLimb Orthosis which assists the patients in a variety of passive range of motion exercises and when required, naturally resists the patients to perform active isometric and isotonic exercises. Partnering and learning from the physiotherapist in the first session, this orthosis takes over the repetitive exercises and mimics the assisting and resisting patterns throughout the range of motion. All this is done while gamifying the treatment and also collecting real-time data of the patient's important parameters.

Target muscles

Hip Flexors

Psoas Major

Psoas Minor


Plantar Flexors

Gastrocnemius Soleus


Hip Extensors



Bicep Femoris

Gluteus Maximus

Hip Extensors

Rectus Femoris

Vastus Lateralis

Vastus Intermedius

Vastus Medialis

Knee Flexors



Biceps Femurs

Dorsi Flexors

Tibialis anterior

  • Takes over repetitive tasks of caregivers (Passive and Active Range Of Motion Exercises)

  • Increase in caregiver's productivity up to 50%

  • Personalized profiles for patients

  • The motivational and gamified rehab process

  • Treatment possibility at the comfort of home

  • Online follow-ups and reporting

  • Responsive real-time feedback of patient's important parameters

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