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Transforming physical rehabilitation and healthcare

Consumer Problem
Neurological and musculoskeletal disorders are leading causes of disabilities
ForHealth brings to you an assistive platform

Globally, a person's well-being and independent mobility are affected by neurological and musculoskeletal disabilities. The intensity and frequency of physical rehabilitation regulate the competent recovery of these patients. Also, due to ageing populations and sedentary lifestyles, there is a rising demand for physiotherapy, resulting in a lack of access and caregiving time per patient.

ForHealth advocates for health, wellness and fitness. ForHealth brings to you its first of kin, Rehab Buddy, an intelligent lower limb device that provides smoothened assistance and resistance, increasing a caregiver’s productivity. We are here to optimize and bring forth a platform to assist the journey of recovery and


 Rehab BuDdy


How does our intelligent assistive platform work?

About Us

Health Care and Fitness for
everyone with robust technology 
ForHealth is for you

Amidst all global megatrends and challenges, health and fitness is a rapidly growing community. It is undeniable that everyone strives for optimum physical ability. The quality of our body is a reflection of our lifestyle. A driving force behind high-quality healthcare and fitness is the adoption of relentless biomechanics and intelligent technology. We live in a world with exquisite science and technology that can amplify the healthcare and fitness industry to impact our society as a whole. Your inclination to movement could be treatment, recovery, performance boosts, or even self-care and maintenance. ForHealth is here for you.

ForHealth is a biomechanical technology-driven company with a prime focus on musculoskeletal and neurological physical fitness. We create the hard and soft technological infrastructure for hospitals, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy clinics, fitness centres, orthopaedic centres, old age homes, athletes and so on. The motto is to realize optimum efficiency and high productivity. We are here for health and to empower your journey of improving your lives.

Collaborated with


MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences & Research


Social Alpha


MAEER’s Institute of Physiotherapy


Assistive Technology Foundation


MIT Institute of Design


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AIM Prime

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Venture Center

Contact Us


MIT ADT University, Railway station, Solapur - Pune Hwy, near Bharat Petrol Pump, Loni Kalbhor, Maharashtra 412201

Contact:  Harshesh Gokani


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