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Rehab Buddy, an intelligent robotic device is designed to learn exercises from the physiotherapist and seamlessly replicate the multi- joint movements. It supports patient's suffering from any kind of muscle impairments throughout their rehabilitation journey (Complete Paralysis to Full Function) by providing slow and steady movements in the form of passive, assisted to active and resisted exercises. Providing elevated clinical outcomes, it also boosts patient motivation through real-time feedback of patient's progress. 

Precise multi-joint movement
Real-time feedback of patient progress
Mobile and portable
Automatic height and length adjustment
Upper & Lower Limb Attachments
Trigerred Passive
Active Assisted
Continuous Assisted
Gravity Eliminated
Mobility Improvement
(Options with Assistance)
Resisted Isotonic
Resisted Isometric
Resisted Eccentric
Resisted Isokinetic
Strength Improvement
(Options with Resistance)


All-Condition Rehab

Supports diverse patient needs, offering end-to-end rehabilitation from paralysis to overall health improvement.

Quick set up time
Within five minutes.
Minimal Time, Maximum Efficiency.
Adaptive Learning
Learns and adapts from the physio, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.
Efficient Reporting
Quickly generate and share session summaries, ensuring precise patient assessment and continuous progress tracking.
Tailored Protocols
Create fully customized exercise plans based on individual patient needs.
Complete Customization
Tailor every aspect of the exercise parameters to create your own personalized workout routines.
Versatile Mobility
Easily transportable to various locations, including different beds, ICU, and IPD for comprehensive accessibility.
Patient Motivation
Enhanced Patient Motivation for Improved Treatment Plans and Clinical Outcomes.
Multi Limb Dynamics in Rehabilitation
Addresses neurological and musculoskeletal disorders
Emphasizes on single-joint or functional exercises through simultaneous hip, knee, and ankle movements.
Set up within 5 minutes
Quick strapping mechanisms offer vital support for leg movements, ensuring correct exercise posture by restricting trick movements.
Universal fits
Our versatile device fits heights from 5' feet to 6'3" feet and supports weights up to 120 kgs.
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Our Features

Functionality You Will Love


Continuous Monitoring of Patient Efforts

Continuous feedback of the slightest flicker movement by patient, ensures better clinical outcomes and keeps patient motivated.


Precision in Treatment

Leveraging Data based reports by evaluating patient's important parameters.


Sleek and portable

Our device boasts a compact and space-saving design. Can be seamlessly ported to ICU/ IPD's.


Automated Height and Length Adjustment

Fits all bed sizes and human anatomical ranges.


500+ pre set programs

150+ pre set exercise programs for 100+ conditions. 


Ensuring Safety

Our device prioritizes the well-being of both patients and physiotherapists.

Intelligent Fitness Management Unit 

Experience physiotherapy like never before with our integrated app and engaging games that provides 
Real-Time Progress
  • Track your journey seamlessly with the data feedback

  • Instant insights and achievements at your fingertips

Tailored Exercises
  • Personalized plans for unique needs

  • Adaptive routines evolving with your progress

Therapeutic VR Gamification
  • Transform sessions into enjoyable, motivating games

  • Fun challenges for a holistic and exciting recovery

Book your trials

Meet your Rehab Buddy today and experience the ease of advanced  physiotherapy. 
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